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Get Your Feet Wet and Explore

One day, God willing, you will become leaders in this land and your arms reach will grasp many concepts and ideas. You may… more »

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Don’t Forget to Stretch Daily

It’s important to stretch daily.  I don’t mean just stretching physically although that should be included.  You should stretch your mind by learning… more »

Hunter Chronicles Hunter Chronicles - Never too old

Never Too Old – Hunter Chronicles D.516

You are never too old for change in the heart and change in the mind. You are never too old to try; to… more »

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Heart Vision Faith – Video

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No Matter Where You are in Life – Video

No matter where you are in life, press forward. We may be faced with turmoil and confusion and missed opportunities, but it’s important… more »

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The Needs of a City Documentary

The community we live in is shaped by our actions, our thoughts, and our choices in day-to-day routines. Every breath we take comprises… more »