Hunter Chronicles - Never too old

Never Too Old – Hunter Chronicles D.516

You are never too old for change in the heart and change in the mind. You are never too old to try; to… more »


Hunter Chronicles D.515 – Do you value your potential?

I wonder sometimes what other people think of themselves. I know often we are busy serving the needs of others or concerned with… more »


Hunter Chronicles D.513 – His life worth living?

At some point in your life you’ll think about this question…  Is life worth living? I guess the only way to answer that… more »


Hunter Chronicles D.512 – You can’t fight Life

Do not fight life, learn to live life within the un-explainable extremes, dynamic surprises and questionable lessons. We have to maintain the mindset… more »


Hunter Chronicles D.511 – Necessity and Responsibility

I don’t want to get up, but I know I must. Necessity and responsibility are fuel for the fire when other motives lay dormant. Think about what must be done and the cause and effect positive that are a result of your forward movement.

Good and Bad support

Hunter Chronicles D.510 – Good and Bad support

Is there such a thing called good support versus bad support? When some asks you if you need help or assistance with something… more »