Hunter Chronicles D.511 – Necessity and Responsibility


I don’t want to get up, but I know I must. Necessity and responsibility are fuel for the fire when other motives lay dormant. Think about what must be done and the cause and effect positive that are a result of your forward movement.

There is a balance between doing and over-doing. Each of us must determine that fine line and attempt to not cross it, in order to maintain a healthy balance in life.

The coined phrase is ‘work hard, play hard.’ If you work to hard, you will have a lack of energy to play, which means although you play, it will be almost like a simulation, without true enjoyment. It would be like eating bread and water while looking at a nice juicy steak or a colorful bowl of fruit.

Let’s find the time to balance the course of our lives. Peace


Image credit: dskdesign / 123RF Stock Photo