Hunter Chronicles D.513 – His life worth living?

At some point in your life you’ll think about this question…  Is life worth living?

I guess the only way to answer that question this to say, be appreciative of what you have because there are those who would’ve wanted to live longer, but didn’t have the opportunity to.  Life itself is a gift, which should be enjoyed to the fullest.  This doesn’t mean that life should be live recklessly.  Life is full responsibilities, some of which are chosen and some are not chosen.

Learn not to be so hard on yourself as I have been on myself in the past and throughout the duration of my life.  Be open to explore but be cautious of the steps ahead.  Each misplaced step has its own consequences and the weight of mistakes can be crushing.

Life is worth living especially when you find something of value to live for.  If at any point you feel that the value is not there, search and pray and ask god to direct your attention.

At no point in your life are you to give up and throw in the towel.  Life is worth fighting for, so you fight with every last ounce of energy and love.